Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deadness x_x then OOTD + Haul

Yes. As the title suggests, I've been quite dead over the past week because school has just started for me! Damn school.... only one week in and its so hard already I feel like I'm going to cry T~T. Also moved into the new apartment for the school year! I'm living with 3 other friends and it seems like its going to be funnnnn hehe. I'm going to show you guys my room so far at the end of the post so keep reading~

But first! Another outfit of the day :) Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments on my last one, this totally encourages me to post more of my outfits! 

Top: Blouse- Liz Lisa (bought from Emy!), Cardigan- no brand
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Aldo
Accessories: no brand

Also, ignore the stupid shoe that is trollin' in the background LOL. My bad! I was going for a cute, fun look and also I really wanted to wear these boots, chh who cares if its a billion degrees outside, I still want to look cute! xD

Okay and next up is a little haul of course :P

 I bought these turquoise accent flip flops at  Target for 10$USD LOL. Yay Target! xD I really like them except hahaha my roommate also bought the exact same pair... Boo! Shopping here is sad sometimes because the cheap stuff, everyone has already! But oh well I like them regardless.

 I bought this shirt for 22$USD at Wet Seal. I love the clothing at this place but it is a little more expensive compared to like Forever 21 or something. Here are some shots of me trying it on in the fitting room LOL

 I can't remember how much this was, but I also bought it at Wet Seal. Fall is coming around the corner so this scarf will look so good with my outfits!

 Necklace and bracelet, buy one get one half off at Wet Seal lol

Next I bought these Moccasins for 30$USD at Off Broadway Shoes because as you can tell, I need flat shoes to wear while walking around the U! Its so big and people judge you if you wear heels! LOL

For my new apartment I got some new things to use and they are Hello Kitty! These were all purchased at the Sanrio store.

And yes, I save my favorires for last! I bought this sweater ON SALE for 12$USD! Guess what the original price was?! Almost 60$! It was an amazing deal :D
I love it because it is so soft and warm and fuzzy! Its going to be great in the winter :)

These shoes I also purchased at Target in the kid's section! I love shopping in the kids section for shoes because 1- the shoes fit me, 2- they're cheaper than adult shoes, and 3- lots of people won't have them! These are my second pair of Hello Kitty shoes hehe.

I bought this Hello Kitty hugger that I thought was cute and it just hangs on you your stuff! I put it on my desk so it hangs off the side. Kind of looks like this:

Last, my friend got me these cute headphones :D they are Hello Kitty Panda ears! SOOO cute!

Okay and as promised, here is my room! I want to decorate more but this is what I have so far. I didn't bring everything from home obviously, so it is still pretty empty :( Oh well it is cozy and I'm excited to be living here for the next school year! ^^;

Thanks for reading! I'm going to try to post as often as I can but school and work always get in the way T~T

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outfit of the day- cutesy style :)

Just wanted to share this outfit that I wore and managed to take pictures of lol. I hung out with my friends this day it was so fun!

This whole outfit is no brand T~T Except the shoes are from Flag-J. I wish I could afford to wear brand all the time QQ

Face shots! On my web cam as I was killing time before I went and saw my friends :P

We went karaoke-ing and then ate frozen yogurt! And then we went to Yumi's house and had some delicious food hehe :D

Such a fun day! i miss hanging out with my friends *~* it feels like its been forever! I need to be less busy boo! I blame school... its starting too soon T__T

Thanks for reading!
Friday, August 12, 2011

Organizing is fun! and OOTD

HELLO! Its been a very long time... like a week almost right? I've been sucking adjusting to the stupid time difference from America to Thailand.. it's so annoying! And I'm lazy as it is so now I just sit around and watch dramas all day bahaha :P

So today I went and got the keys to the apartment I'm going to be living in this coming year! Its so exciting :D I'll post pictures of what it looks like the next time that I go~ And with moving in comes shopping! You know, for stuff to put in the place :)

I got this huge makeup storage box from Sephora for 98$USD. I LOVE this so much it holds everything and its so pink! I had my bff over and we organized all my makeup lol

Its so nice having all my makeup in one place! I have a separate box for some eyelashes though because they unfortunately didn't fit xD But I put all of my Japanese lashes in here :)

Next is a jewelry box. I'm always complaining about how I need something to organize all of my jewelry that I wear and so I bought this at Target for 51$USD.

It holds everything like necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc! I'm pretty satisfied with it but I wish it was white or something instead of black :/ but thats okay xD

Even though I spent 3 months shopping over summer I still manage to do it when I get back LOL so I went to Forever21 and bought this rosary-like necklace for 4.50$USD. Its so in! lol I love it when models were this.

And here's my outfit of the day. I don't have any pics of me in it because well.. I'm lazy :P Its white and brown and black with a pink accent!

Top: Lace top- Forever21, Cami- Forever21
Shorts: Macy's
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Belt: No brand
Jewelry: Necklace- Forever21, Rings- No brand

Alright not much but thanks for reading ^^