Tuesday, June 28, 2011


YES. I have decided that I super love Jelly magazines because well. I was flipping through the one that I have (that I talked about in the last post) and then I downloaded the last two issues and wow. I really really love this magazine. It makes me feel so much older though! 

Here is my outfit today, inspired by what I talked about yesterday :D
Top: Love Culture
Cami: Wet Seal
Shorts: No brand
Jewelry: Skull ring- no brand, Ring- Forever 21, Necklace- Forever 21
Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Guess (and oops, scroll down to see the shoes!)
Zoom up!
 I don't think I've shared this hat before, but I got it at F21 right before I came to Thailand almost. I saw it on a mannequin and it happened to be the last one in the store LOL so naturally I had to have it :D

And okay me in the outfit :) LOL so.. Yeah. I wish I had a better background sorry. I should invest in a tripod aha..
LOL at my lame attempts at posing. Also, I wish I was a better photographer! :(

Anyways, what do you think? I'm totally inspired! I want to try every style haha but sadly, as much as I shop, I still feel like I don't have enough clothing. I need to buy more! Especially jewelry. I kind of wear the same things over and over everyday :/

Okay and face shots for today:
Nothing special about makeup. I was even too lazy to do it fully... (no bottom eyelashes and plain colors :/) But yep! I still like it I guess. Let's call it, more natural LOL

Okay! And since I have so much free time to blog at night, I went through and clipped some pretty pictures from Jelly July 2011 for everyone to see! :D **warning, pic heavy!**

Read on to see more pics!

lol lots of pics of Mana Honda, but I love her! Because of Kawaii.i~ Sooo cute.

If you like this, come to one of my tumblr sites called Gal Inspirations <- click the link! I queue I lot of pics so there should be updates often :D

Okay thats all for now I think! Thanks for reading :P And thanks to my new followers!

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