Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello, Pink!

So today, I think I did my makeup pretty :D
I used pink eyeshadow! Gasp! Haha because I usually only wear neutrals because I am lame and afraid of looking like a clown with my tan skin. But I think it turned out nicely! I'm using the pink from the Majolica Majorca Jewel Eyes palette that I bought a few posts ago, and the bottom lashes I am wearing are the Hollywood Eyelashes (also posted before). I love these bottom lashes so much! I can't live without bottom lashes now they make such a big difference. And closeup shot:
 Bahaha what do you think? Should I post tutorials?? Hahaha nah I dont do anything fancy but a good eye makeup day is a win for me. Because I'm so lazy it usually looks like crap xD Also, wow these eyelashes look like Dolly Wink No. 6 kinda don't they? :O
Gosh a want a pair of these SO bad. I think I might have to order some when I get home!

And okay today's makeup was actually inspired by some Tsubasa Masuwaka pics :D Because I thought the vibrant eyeshadow looked absolutely stunning.
Gorgeous, right?? I imagine in the first one if she was wearing a turquoise colored shirt or dress it would look so cute!

I also want to try two tones like this:
But I think I would have to be careful not to look weird because after all she has a model face and mine is well.. -.- lol let's just leave it at that.

Next thing, to go with the pink makeup I am in the mood to wear some color now. I know, totally opposite from my dark clothing mood (lol notice how that only lasted a few days XD). And of course, the only color I wear is pink xD Tomorrow I'm going to wear my cute pink polka dot dress! And I am going to the doctor's... so appropriate LOL.

But yeah so I really want my eyeshadow to match my clothes cause that is really cute.  I love this dress because it is a vibrate, brilliant pink. I'll post the picture again just for the hell of it:
I'm so excited to wear this for the first time. I think I might also wear my Juicy Couture flip flops because well they are also pink and so cute!

Also, I wish I had one of those bunny headbands in pink to match with that... wouldn't that look so cute?!
Wouldn't that match so well??

Sigh. On a random note, it makes me both happy and sad, looking at pictures of Japanese Gals. Because I'm always like ugggh why don't I look like that.... But then I remember that they are models and I am a fugly nobody. LOL.

Next, lemme show off my bag! Its from the brand Kathy and i absolutely love their bags. This was actually my mom's but she was like here you should have this it can fit all of your stuff and it actually can!! I can jam anything in here I love it. It can even hold a magazine!! WIN! bahaha I always like to carry around one to whip out while I'm bored xD
Zoom in on the little keychain it has hanging on it :D

Okay and last, I'll leave with some pictures of me because... um I like taking pictures apparently (if you havent noticed, LOL).
YES i did it. The duckface xD donthateme :x

Oh and wait, last thing. I am joining Emy's giveaway (link here). Join if you wanna! :) and check out her blog she is so gorgeous *_*

Alright, hope that was entertaining! Thanks for reading~

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