Sunday, June 26, 2011

Haul and New hairstyle?

Okay to start! This was my coordinate after writing that post a few days ago with about pink :) Since we had to leave for Bangkok at 5am that day, I didn't have time to take pictures because I still looked like poop that early in the morning xD And then I was at the doctor's, waiting most of the day. And the best part? We waited so long to see the doctor and once again, she just looked at my mouth a little and had me open once and then told me I need to come see a different doctor next week. -_- fml. Okay but yes, here was my coordinate :D
Cute? Sorry I don't have pics of me in it though :(

Okay and once again, a haul! I don't have much this time though since I could only go shopping one day.

Some magazines! Here I have Jelly, Popteen, Deco&Deco, Egg, Nylon and W♥C.

lol okay so it seems random, but guess why I bought the W♥C and Nylon mags? BECAUSE they came with matching W♥C gifts!!
And they are? A cute tote!
And a little pouch :D
So cute right? I really couldn't resist. W♥C is so cute and since they don't sell anything here, free stuff from a magazine is just as amazing LOL. I love them!

 Next, some more bows xD
 And a bow ring!
 I'm not sure how much these were individually, but together they were about 3$USD.

And  finally got a new wallet! So cute right? About 9$USD. And okay, funny story. So I went into this store because they had lots of wallets, and there was this girl carrying like 6 pink ones and this one was one of them. I saw this one and immediately fell in love and tried to find it, but guess what? She had the last one! I knew it wasn't reasonable for her to buy 6 wallets so I walked around the store pretending to look at stuff, waiting and praying that she would put this one back and LOL she actually did! YAY go me xD
 Bling! Time to deco :D I think I'll have enough silver ones to last a while now hehe.
 And last, this beautiful necklace thats Chanel! *cough cough* lol Chanel my ass. But it was only 3$USD! Had to buy it hehe.
 Well I guess that was sorta alot... lol naw not really, compared to the usual but we didn't have enough time :( oh well I'll be going again next week apparently so whoohoo xD

And last thing I have to share: my delicious meal at Waraku a Japanese restaurant in Central World Mall. It was so yummy! And lol when we walked in, they talked thai-panese? "3 kon, onegaishimasu!" (3 people, please); an interesting mix of Thai and Japanese. Lmfao xD
I had an Unagi-don mmmm soo good! Its eel with egg and rice. 
And of course, fro-yo for dessert at Red Mango. Original and strawberry flavor with banana topping! :D

And LOL okay last thing. I was reading last month's issue of Popteen and LOL saw this:
Selena Gomez and Popteen... wtf? So random, but okay!

Now its time for style talk! 

So I've been kind of angry at my hair lately, because well I don't know what to do with it. Sometimes I get too lazy to put in extensions and having super short hair all the time gets boring -.- Soooo I need to try out different hair styles haha. One that I've been wanting to try out is the like cute short bob style. Here are some examples:

And yes, my hair is about that short really :/ I'm so hesitant about doing my hair in that kind of style though! I think my face would just look fat. But nonetheless, I think I'm going to try it out... maybe... LOL we'll see how it goes tomorrow.  Don't worry, I'll post pics if I try :P

Oh and one more thing! If you don't already know about Kawaii.i, you should check them out! The videos are about gyaru fashion and so far its been Mana, a model from the magazine Jelly, just shopping in Shibuya's 109! I love watching these videos :) Here's the latest one:

Before I go, thank you to my new readers and followers! And old ones too :D Thank you everyone, truly, for reading :)

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