Thursday, April 7, 2011


Right now I'm really into these kinds of hats! Like this one Kumiko is wearing :)

So obviously I had to go out and buy one myself! This is the one I bought. It's from Forever21 and I LOVE it! It fits so nicely and is so cute! there were also other styles that I wanted to and I think I'm going to go back and get some more :)

This is what I look like with it on hahaha

Plus... Outfit of the day! Too bad its not a full length mirror though you can't see my shoes :(

I'm really loving this style right now. Its so spring/summer-ish and very fitting for the weird kind of weather we're having here.  I think it will also go with the new tops that I bought... which I should really take pictures of! I'm so crazy about this style right now I've spent like $200+ on shoes, accessories and clothes for it.  I want more floral pattern pieces of clothing though. I'll post some more pictures of this style that I'm talking about. Actually I think I blogged about it earlier... but hey! Nothing wrong with more pictures, right? :P

 Now for some pics of the real models wearing these types of hats that I love!



(random? i don't know her!)


Kay I guess that's all! Bye!!

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