Saturday, April 2, 2011


Whoo hoo! So today my mommy came home!! And she brought me lots of stuffs :D
But before that.... here's my self shots for today! 

Now onto the gifts!!

Love-chan character pouch!

Hello kitty pouch

Sheene makeup compact

Sheene glitter liquid eyeliners (silver and pink)

I love these things! So excited to use the makeup and pouches hehe.  

And as a bonus... Here's the new phone she bought me! Its the Oppo Blink Bloom in Pink!! I LOVE IT. God its so pink and cute!! You can see the pink color the best in the last photo. sorry for the crappy quality but i didn't have my camera with me :/

Its the phone that was promoted by 2PM too! haha i'm so lovin this phone. The menus and stuff are also SO cute. and pink! Its about the same size as my sharp 906i too which is pretty cool cause i love that shape :)

Oh and LOL... last thing xD she got me this bunny thing with Junsu's face!! LMAO yeah i died when i saw this. His face is also in "3D" so the nose sticks out, which is why it looks kinda weird... but still adorable! Junsu! :)

Also I got this pillow pet from my friend Jamie as a late birthday gift lol

Yep thats pretty much it! I love getting things hehehe. Until next time!! :D 

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