Saturday, February 23, 2019

Wedding Wishlist... Part 1

HELLO EVERYONE! It's been a minute since I've posted, and I'm come with a HUGE life update (which mostly everyone will have already seen if you follow me on Instagram) but a couple of days ago, Noah proposed to me and of course I said YES so we are now engaged!! I am SO excited and happy and really just full of all emotions! Yes I said ALL emotions so that includes the fun ones like happiness and excitement but I am also so stressed out and terrified as well... I had no idea how much planning a wedding is going to take and I have felt so overwhelmed even in the past few days!

So what I've done in order to combat these scary feelings is that I've basically come up with a plan to think about all the fun and exciting things in between the stressful bits, and of course because I am me, the fun things begin with SHOPPING! Lets not talk about the dress or anything that serious yet, but as soon as I got engaged I knew there would be a couple of things on my wishlist that I've come across here and there, So I thought I would share them with you in this blogpost... Wedding Wishlist Part 1 (because lets be honest I'm going to keep finding things I love and want to buy!)

1. Kate Spade Make it Mine Rylie Bridal Set (link here)

This was LITERALLY the first thing I thought of to put on my wishlist as soon as I got engaged. I actually came across this a few months ago on the Kate Spade website and wanted it so so bad! I love how cute and dainty it is and I love the interchangeable bride/Mrs covers on it! Of course now I can actually buy it for a real reason! The best part is that now it's on sale so I'm glad I waited until I was actually engaged!

2. Keds x Kate Spade Triple Decker Pearl Shoes (link here)

To be honest I saw this maybe a month ago and I was going to go ahead and buy them because if you didn't know what collection they were from, you wouldn't have even known they were from a bridal collection! But yes, Kate Spade did collaborate with Keds to create a beautiful line of bridal shoes that include glitter, pearls and other beautiful designs! If you didn't know, white sneakers are kind of my THING so I might get these to wear on the occasions where I want to be more comfortable and not wear heels!

3. Victoria's Secret Bridal Robe (link here)

To be honest, I know there are probably better quality and cheaper bridal robes out there but I am a sucker for the Victoria's Secret bridal line because there is just something so chic and sexy about their things! I don't normally like to buy these things but I know I will want a bridal robe for the big day and I am just a huge fan of this one! I might try to find a different one maybe on Etsy or something thats white and pink instead, but I definitely love the way this looks!

4. Victoria's Secret Satin Boxer PJs (link here)

Is it probably frivolous to want to spend $70 on PJs for me and my bridesmaids? Probably yes but I just love loooove the way these look! Like the robe I will probably try and find cheaper alternatives but I think that this is super fun and I love that the bridesmaids sets are pink because obviously the colors of my wedding will be pink and white! I just imagine wearing these with my bestie the night before and getting some cute squad insta pics hahaha!

5. Ted Baker Peetch Pumps (link here)

So confession... I already have basically these shoes but the kitten heel version in pink but when I saw the white, I KNEW this was my dream wedding shoe!! I am a sucker for satin and I love the way the rose gold looks with it! Even though I want my wedding to have a gold theme with the pink and white, I  can't help but fall in love with these shoes (so I might buy them anyway and pretend they match!) I might splurge on different shoes for the actual wedding.. I'm thinking maybe Louboutin's or Jimmy Choo but if I can't find one that makes my heart sing as loud, I will happily wear Ted Baker to my wedding!

Alright I know my list was kind of short (especially for me) but like I said these were just the things I thought of immediately after I got engaged! Once I do more research and see what's out there, I will definitely be back with a part 2! And to address probably the big question, YES i am wearing WHITE on my wedding day,  a lot of people have asked me if I'll wear pink but I think I will wear white because I am such a sucker for classics! I will definitely have a pink and white and gold theme but I am actually just excited to be buying all the white weddings things!

If you know of any bridal collections that I might like, please feel free to let me know!

Thank you so much for reading! 


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