Sunday, October 28, 2018

Black Pink in Your Area ;)

Hello everyone  

Bringing you another autumn outfit, featuring this really chic black boots from Forever 21! Ive always wanted to try black over the knee boots ever since I saw them on @freddy on her Youtube and  Instagram, and I finally pushed myself to buy a pair this year! What's the verdict? Well I am absolutely IN LOVE with them! I know that I'm not wearing any other black in this outfit other than the boots and I could be more balanced, but I actually really liked the way this turned out! I've always loved the combination of black and pink together and I just love the contrast of the black in this outfit again the pastel colors. Let me know if you love it too!

Pastel Snowy Day

Hello everyone 

Even though its only October, the winter Gods have blessed us with snow!! You can barely tell in these photos but there was definitely snow falling to the ground! As I've gotten older I've slowly noticed that I prefer colder weather much more than any crazy heat, so I was actually happy to welcome in the winter early! Here to celebrate, I have a new Liz Lisa coordinate to share with you to give you some inspiration as we get into the colder months. Who says you can't wear pastel in winter?? Not me, I'm pink all year round!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Transitioning into Winter with Pink

Hello everyone! 

As we slowly approach the end of the year, I just wanted to share this cute look to give you some inspo for outfits that you can wear when its a bit cold outside! I love looks like this when its a bit chilly but also warm at the same time! Balancing a warm sweater with a short skirt and booties is my absolute, autumn-winter go to outfit! As always, actual or similar items will be linked down below as many of my clothes are from previous years.  Hope you love this look! 

Blushing Ballerina

Hello everyone! 

I just wanted to share this cute look for autumn! It features a really cute tulle ballerina-like skirt that is actually a kid's skirt from Target! Hey no shame right? If it fits, why not! I actually got this in a XL size and its too loose on me, so I would even recommend going to an L size if you're interested in the skirt! All items (or similar ones) will be linked below for you. Enjoy!

Pastel Autumn Look

Hello everyone! 

Welcome back! (I mean this is me, welcoming me back into my own blog). I just wanted to share with you all some more outfit inspo pics, since this is want I want to use this blog for. Today's outfit you might have seen a lot on my Instagram already, but I had a lot more pics that I haven't posted on there, so I thought I would just throw them in this post! Enjoy!