Friday, February 16, 2018

Pink Kawaii Winter

 Hello everyone! 

I wanted to share this outfit with you with winter style tips that I picked up while on my trip to Tokyo this year! I had never been to Tokyo during the winter months so this was my first time experiencing winter fashion in this fabulous city and I was surprised to learn a couple things! 

The first thing that I learned about is the importance of layering. I love wearing dresses in the winter and it seems so many girls in Tokyo feel the same! The dress that I'm wearing here is clearly designed for winter as the soft grey and pink colors are perfect for winter fashion, and the thicker material that its made out of also indicates that it is meant to be worn in the colder months. However because it is short sleeved, the style is to layer it over a warm knit top! I chose to wear this Ank Rouge pearl collar top with this little heart cut out so that I have a little extra detail at the top of my outfit. 

Another trend that i noticed was that Tokyo girls LOVE wearing faux fur on their jackets! There are jackets with faux fur on the collar, the bottom hem, and also the cuffs of the sleeves. This jacket from Top Shop comes with a removable faux fur collar, so I picked it up loving the fact that I can wear it with or without the fur. 

How do you stay a little warmer during the cold weather but still look like you have bare legs? NUDE STOCKINGS! I didn't figure this out until a couple days into my trip but all the girls in Tokyo were wearing nude stocking, sometimes even paired with short ankle socks as well, so that you can get a little extra layer on top of your skin and still look like you are wearing nothing! If you're sensitive to cold weather, leggings might still be the way to go, but wearing nude stockings is a brilliant idea if the cold isn't too unbearable and you still want something to cover your legs! Its also a great way too pair pumps with your winter coordinate as so many girls in Tokyo do- because apparently pumps are the choice of walking shoe all year round!

I paired this purse from Liz Lisa that I got a while ago, just to balance out the white tones in the outfit. I always feel like with a pink coat, a pink bag with it is a little too much but this white one works perfectly! I also noticed so many girls in Tokyo carrying these medium sized bags, mostly from the brand Jill Stuart and adorned with some sort of jeweled detail (mimicked by the flower details on my bag here) and it made me want one SO bad, but maybe next time I'm there I will pick one up!

I hope you learned a new things from this post and hopefully I got some of these trends right! I can't wait to go to Tokyo in different seasons to see all the different trends!

Thank you so much for reading!



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