Monday, January 29, 2018

Japan Trip 2018 Part 1. (Days 1-3)

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to quickly blog about my Japan trip of 2018! For the most part, I didn't vlog while on my trip so I decided that I would write a blog post about it instead! I love reflecting and keeping track of my adventures so I can remember them in the future! Here is part one of two posts about my trip I hope you enjoy!


I arrived to Japan on January 6th 2018, after spending about a week in Thailand visiting my family (vlog on my YouTube coming soon) and immediately took a Limousine Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo to my friend's house. I was greeted by a wonderful surprise as my Liz Lisa 2018 fukubukuro has just been delivered to her house literally moments before I arrived! I was so happy that the timing was perfect and I was really excited to have new clothes to wear as I had only packed one carry on with only a couple outfits and was wearing them over and over in Thailand. 

After arriving to Tokyo we went to eat dinner at a really cute Japanese-Italian restaurant called Akatsuki and had a delicious first meal! Fun little fact- I rarely find myself eating Japanese food in Japan for some reason, I always end up eating some sort of Japanese fusion food because it is so delicious and unique in Japan! 

After our delicious dinner, needless to say I ran straight to one of my favorites places in Tokyo... the closest karaoke place! I love to karaoke and Japan is the BEST place to do so because they have all my favorites types of music, Japanese, Korean and American, and only in Japan does such a wide variety of current karaoke music exist. I usually sing a mix of all three and try to get the highest score possible. This trip I got the highest score I've ever gotten at karaoke! The funniest thing is that I sang a song that I haven't even listened to in so many years- Wonder Girl's Tell Me!


Day two started out rather embarrassing as we stayed at karaoke the night before for over 4 hours (if my memory serves me right) and had a nail appointment at 11am the next day. To the sober person 11am is not that early but for two hungover girls it was the biggest struggle. We hopped in a cab and rode to Tru Nail Studio  for our appointment. This was only the second time I had ever gotten my nails done in Japan and LET ME TELL YOU Japanese gel manicures are AMAZING. If you ever find yourself in Japan with spare time please get your nails done it is just a wonderful experience. You can literally show the staff a picture from your phone or from one of the nail magazines laying around the studio and they will do the exact set of nails. The ones I chose were from a random magazine and the nail artist literally copied the exact design down to the artwork and the little jewels that were pictured on the set. Not only that but the quality of the gel they use is so durable- these babies are not going to chip or come off until you want them to (and even then, having them removed from a non Japanese nail salon is rough- they will come off but it takes a while!)  From what I can tell the nail salon is english friendly as there is an english page on their website where you are able to make reservations from there! 

After the salon we had to go home and rest as we were still tired from our night out. After resting for a couple hours we decided to venture out again and I was DETERMINED to start buying Liz Lisa that night. We made it to the Liz Lisa store in Harajuku within the hour that they were closing and I literally ran around and grabbed everything... and I really do mean everything (that I didn't have already of course). Here is just a peak at the damage that was done that night. 

The Liz Lisa in Harajuku is so nice as its the biggest one, they have two floors where the first floor sells new items, the second floor is mixed between new items and clearance/outlet items. It was very interesting to see as I saw a few items that were from even 4 or 5 years ago! There was a lot to look at and there was also a really nice photo spot in the store as well!


On day three I finally made it to Shibuya 109! If you didn't know already, Shibuya 109 is a gigantic mall in the middle of Shibuya right across from the Shibuya station (exit 8), filled with gyaru, street fashion and other types of fashion for girls. They also have two of my favorites stores, Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge, but also a TON of other brands that are amazing! On the upper floor there is a purikura (sticker pictures) spot where there are a ton of purikura machines, and at the moment they also have some very cute photo spots! Needless to say I went a little crazy with the photo spots and also took some purikura :)

I also bought couple more items from Liz Lisa (which I didn't think was possible because I basically had everything in the store) and also bought a few items from Ank Rouge, Ingni and Cherite. 

Lastly, we stopped by Shin-Okubo which is like the "Koreatown" of Tokyo. I almost DIED here because there were so many K-pop stores, K-beauty stores and Korean restaurants. Right when you get out from the station you can see Korean signs and also hear a lot of Korean people talking- I wasn't sure I was even still in Tokyo. We ended up going into a restaurant to eat because there was a sign outside that read "BIG BANG VIP ROOM" and to a K-pop fan girl- that was probably the most effective advertising you could do. Sadly, we weren't able to sit in this so called VIP room but we did still eat there and had the most delicious thing ever, cheesy chicken with tteokbokki! It was like a heart attack on a plate but OH BOY it was delicious!

That is all for the first half of my Japan trip!! Please stay tuned for part two where I will tell you all about Sanrio Puroland and more!

If you would like to see the first part of my haul from Japan where I show you all the Liz Lisa items that I bought on my trip, please take a look at my youtube video! 

Thats all for now, thank you so much for reading! 


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