Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tattoos. Artists I love & tips.

Hello internet world.

Its been a while since I made a post and I've just come to accept that I basically blog once a year. Oh well!

Today's topic I want to talk about is tattoos, specifically tattoo artists that I love, that I want to get tattooed by, and tips on how to book appointments with really popular artists. I am no expert by any means but these are just my personal experiences and things that I do that have helped me in the past.

Let's start with the artists! These are literally just artists I follow on Instagram that I love. A little background about that styles that I like- I really love cute, fun tattoos that have "cute" subject matter with aspects of traditional tattooing. This concept will become clear once you've gone through my list but basically what I mean is cute, fun tattoos that have traditional elements such as thick lines, bold color, etc. However I also love another style some people call "neo-traditional" which is also traditional tattoo elements with fun subject matter, but the way I describe this style would be a victorian style twist on traditional tattoos. I know that these styles of tattooing (especially the first one I mentioned) aren't exactly super popular or well known yet, but I know a lot of people love this style just as much as I do, so I hope this list is helpful to you! Sorry if the locations aren't correct, I know a lot of artists move around but hopefully you can get an idea of where everyone is located. I don't have  people from every part of the world but for some reason the artists I love are located in these areas of the world, the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, so I have categorized them as so.

Anyways... let's get to it! (sorry but not sorry if this post is long)