Sunday, January 25, 2015

Personal Day #1

Hello again! And so soon?

So let’s get real right now. One of my biggest personal issues is that I almost never take time for myself and do things that I enjoy. During the week I’m at work for 10 hours a day and when I come home I’m dead tired. During the weekends, I’m usually so lazy that I just stay in bed all day and laze around. I’m even too lazy to get food- I order delivery almost EVERY weekend. It’s so unhealthy and wasteful!

Another big part of the problem is- and this is where it gets really real- I cannot be alone without my boyfriend. Let’s face it. I’m one of those people who are attached to people. I can’t stand to be alone, it scares me and it is super uncomfortable. We have been spending weekends apart and at first, I was NOT having it. I would always freak out about the time apart and I wouldn’t know why. I mean, it was only for two days, maximum. And if I’m not with him, I’m with some other friends.  I literally have the hardest time being alone, ever.

This got me thinking, what are the things that I do enjoy to do by myself? I had to lay down at night and figure out how I was going to calm down and remember all of the things I used to do by myself that I enjoyed. Last night I went to bed promising myself that tomorrow, I will have a great, productive day where I will get dressed up, go out and spend some quality time with myself!'
And that’s exactly what I did.
Immediately when I woke up I watched some YouTube. Just some of my favorite channels to get some inspiration. I find that doing something immediately after you wake up will help you wake up even more because you are telling your mind “hey, it’s time to get up now!” instead of just hitting the snooze button over and over again and trying to grab the last few minutes of sleep. I ended up watching a cool video by @krissygrotez where she is doing a bunch of cute hairstyles and that’s when I really got motivated to get up and get dressed.

Anyways, let’s get started  ♡
♡ ♡ ♡

Like I said, my hair was inspired by @krissygrotez (if you don’t know who she is please go check out her YouTube, she’s awesome). For my outfit I wore this top and bottom by Forever21 and my cardigan and hair clips are from H&M.

For lunch, I went to see my friend in Boulder. Yes I know I wasn’t spending quality alone time by myself but I haven’t seen her in months! It was time to take a visit. I haven’t seen the uni I went to in a long time, so it was kind of strange being back in that town. We went to a restaurant called Terra Thai whichs my absolute favorite Thai restaurant there. I ate a dish called Khao Soi which is basically just noodles in curry and it was delicious.

After lunch, I decided to stop at the mall because I haven’t been there in probably months. I know, shocking. I usually go shopping near work but I haven’t been to this mall in a long time. I went to the usual shops that I like to go to, but nothing was catching my eye. So I decided to go to a few that I have not been to in a long time and ended up finding some amazing things!
I bought these two shirts from Aeropostale. This shop is usually pretty pricey, but they were have a mega sale so I decided, why not check it out? I ended up finding these two shirts that are absolutely amazing and together they were under $20! I am really digging the black and white because my go to winter color is black- but I’m trying to avoid black on black on black as much as possible. And trust me it is HARD for me not matter how much I love pink.
$5.99 Aeropostal

$10 Aeropostale

After that store I decided I really need some shoes because I have been wearing the same two pairs all winter and they are starting to look BAD. Whenever I like something I end up wearing it so much that I completely destroy the item and can only use it for one season. The store that I bought these booties at is called Angel, and I’m not sure if it is a chain or just a standalone store because I have only seen it at this one mall. Regardless, there was a sale buy one get one half off and they were already at reduced prices so naturally I was like YES! And bought two. The first one is an all back wedge bootie made of like fake leather material and it so adorable. I used to have one similar to thsi but the heel broke off so I decided to buy this one!
$29.99 Angel

This second one is a suede material and usually I avoid this kind of material for shoes because I always get them dirty but I couldn't resist- these were just too cute! 

$36.00 Angel

♡ ♡ ♡

So that was most of my day! Now I’m at the bar across the street from my house and having a glass of wine writing this blog post. It’s been a lovely day and I am so glad I can still make myself happy and spend some quality alone time. It has seriously been a struggle for me and will probably continue to be one but I am trying to get better at it. It is really important and I always seem to forget and lose myself in others. This blog is definitely helping because now I have something to look forward to doing every week!
Thanks for reading, until next time ♡

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